BI rescues 3 women from trafficking scheme
BI rescues 3 women from trafficking scheme
BI rescues 3 women from trafficking scheme
by Ada Pelonia12 March 2024

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Monday, March 11, intercepted three women who were bound to illegally work as entertainers in South Korea.

The BI reported that the women claimed to be friends who would travel to Thailand as tourists. Their conflicting statements, however, prompted the immigration officers for a secondary inspection.

The three women confessed to having a recruiter who promised them to work as singers with a P40,000 monthly salary in South Korea.

According to BI, the women stressed wanting to process their documents legally but the recruiter insisted they pose as tourists instead.

The women also told BI that their recruiter planned to drop them off in SOuth Korea before returning to the Philippines alone.

Immigration commissioner Norman Tansingco urged the public to be wary of recruiters’ promises.

“There are numerous cases documented wherein victims are promised work as entertainers, but end up in prostitution,” Tansingco said.

“Aspiring workers should also protect themselves by ensuring that they only apply work through legal means,” he added.

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