Beauty Gonzalez faces backlash for using excavated gold eye, mouth covers as jewelry
Beauty Gonzalez faces backlash for using excavated gold eye, mouth covers as jewelry
Beauty Gonzalez faces backlash for using excavated gold eye, mouth covers as jewelry
by Mhillen Nicole Borja27 July 2023
Photo courtesy: Beauty Gonzalez Instagram

Actress Beauty Gonzalez's choice of accessories for the 2023 GMA Gala has sparked public criticism after she revealed that they were reworked from ancestral gold burial masks.

In an Instagram post, the 32-year-old actress shared her appreciation for Philippine Ancestral Gold, showcasing her elegant ensemble and a nude corseted gown by Mara Chua.

"My look for #GMaGala2023 is an appreciation for Philippine Ancestral Gold," Beauty wrote.

She adorned her look with a gold neckpiece and earrings from Riqueza Fine Jewellery by Erica Concepcion Reyes.


"My Centuries old Gold Neck Piece and Earrings are Excavated Eye and Mouth Covers from distant places like Butuan and Surigao, beautifully reworked in this modern setting by my favorite Jeweler @riquezajewellery," Beauty said explaining the significance of her accessories.

However, her fashion during the Gala did not sit well with the public.

Marian Pastor Roces, a cultural critic and independent curator, took issue with Gonzalez's choice of jewelry and voiced her concerns in a Facebook post.

Roces pointed out that the pieces that Beauty wore were potentially grave robber artifacts, stating that legally excavated items should belong to national institutions like the National Museum or the Bangko Sentral.


"Someone tell this woman that the orifice covers she is paying "homage" to are grave robber stuff. Because if these were legally excavated, the pieces would belong to the National Museum or the Bangko Sentral," she wrote.

"Or: if the pieces were excavated decades ago and therefore privately owned by sensible collectors before current restrictions, the question still remains: why death masks as necklace?' she added.

Critics like Roces referred to the actress as a "fashion victim", questioning the appropriateness of wearing mouth and eye covers from "desecrated graves" as fashionable accessories.

Netizens also joined the debate, leaving critical comments on Gonzalez's Instagram post.


Many expressed their discomfort with the use of indigenous burial items for adornment, emphasizing the need for cultural respect and sensitivity.


The Encyclopedia of the Philippines highlights that gold orifice covers served sacred purposes, including ushering the dead to their ancestral ranks and protecting them from the living's profane gaze.


As of this writing, Beauty has yet to respond to the comments and criticisms surrounding her choice of accessories for the event.

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