16 dead, 8 in critical condition after bus falls off a cliff in Antique
16 dead, 8 in critical condition after bus falls off a cliff in Antique
16 dead, 8 in critical condition after bus falls off a cliff in Antique
by Ellicia Del Mundo06 December 2023

Sixteen individuals were confirmed dead while eight were in critical condition after a Ceres bus fell off a cliff in Brgy. Igbucagay in Municipality of Hamtic, Antique on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

In an interview during DZRH Dos Por Dos on Wednesday, Dec. 6, Antique Governor Rhodora Cadiao confirmed that 13 of the 16 individuals were declared dead on the spot.

"16 ang namatay at 8 nasa Iloilo ngayon in critical condition [...] Yung dead on-the-spot, nasa 13. Tapos yung apat nandito sa atin, nasa sable condition na sila," she said.

Cadiao said 28 individuals were onboard the Ceres bus, which reportedly came from Iloilo City and bound for the Municipality of Culasi.


According to Cadidao, the bus lost its brake while transversing the highway of the mountainous area in Brgy. Igbucagay.

"Sabi nung Teacher na sumakay, yung na-injured, noong nagbubusina daw, biglang nawalan ng preno ang bus habang pababa. The driver also was also panicking. Nagbubusina daw habang pababa ng road. Mabilis na mabilis daw yung bus," she said.

The Antique Governor described the highway as a "killer curve", saying that there were also accidents recorded in the past.

"Hindi lang Ceres bus ang nahulog diyan, marami rin private sasakayan at saka may bus na marami rin namatay, na nahulog din yan. Pangalawang Ceres bus na iyan," she said.


Cadiao said the "killer curve" concern has been reported to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Regional Development Council.

"Ang ginawa ng DPWH, nilagyan lang ng cement barrier para na-widen ng kaunti," she said.

The Antique Governor said the "killer curve" should be closed as it may endanger the lives of other motorists and passengers.

"Sa dami nang namatay, dapat yung road na iyan ay i-abandon na. I-close na yung road na 'yan and make another road," she underlined.

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