Año says secession attempts will be met 'with resolute force'
Año says secession attempts will be met 'with resolute force'
Año says secession attempts will be met 'with resolute force'
by Kristan Carag05 February 2024
Photo from the National Security Council Facebook page

National Security Adviser Eduardo Año vowed on Sunday, February 4, that the government will use 'resolute force' to stop any attempts of secession in the Philippines.

Año made the pronouncement days after former President Rodrigo Duterte and Davao Del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez said that they will initiate a movement to separate Mindanao from the Philippines.

"The National Government will not hesitate to use its authority and forces to quell and stop any and all attempst to dismember the Republic," Año said in a statement.

"Ang attempt to secede any part of the Philippines will be met by the government with resolute force, as it remains steadfast in securing the sovereignity and integrity of the national treasure," he added.


Año stressed that calls to divide the Philippines only serves to undermine the collective progress and prosperity of the country.

He said that the strength of the Philippines lies in unity, and that all sectors must reject any attempt to sow division.

"We call upon all Filipinos to remain vigilant against attempts to sow discord and division, and to work towards a future of peace and prosperity for all," Ano said.

The official also remarked that 'any suggestion of secession not only runs counter to the Constitution but also threatense to undo the hard-won gaines of peace and development, particularly in Mindanao.


"The comprehensive peace process which brought an end to decades of armed conflict in Mindanao, must be vigorously safeguarded and built upon," Año declared.

"The dividends of peace are now clearly evident in the transformation of the entire from a region of volatility and violence to one of progess, stability, hope," the official added.

Año also reaffirmed the commitment of the National Security Council in safeguarding the security, stability, and territorial integrity of the Philippines.

"While recognizing the richness of Mindanao' natural resources and culture, it is essential to approach discussions about its development and autonomy within the framework of national unit, solidarity, and supremacy of the Constitution," Año said.


"The diversity of our nation is a source of strength, and our differences should be celebrated within the context of our common identify as Filipino citizens," he added.

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