Andrea Brillantes no longer see herself in love team
Andrea Brillantes no longer see herself in love team
Andrea Brillantes no longer see herself in love team
by Daylight Abas12 January 2024
Photo courtesy: Andrea Brillantes / Facebook

“Senior High” star Andrea Brillantes said she is no longer seeing herself as part of a loveteam and would rather explore being a solo actress so she can try more opportunities in showbiz.

According to Brillantes, she prefers working as a solo artist compared to being boxed in a love team; that way, she would be able to help herself grow, in which she believes she should know herself better as an actress and improve in working with other artists.

She shared that she has always been working paired with someone, and now that she has the opportunity to go solo, she wants to explore more and seems to be enjoying it.

The former child actress emphasized that being in a love team is not for her and that being part of it makes her more dependent on someone for her career’s success.

But Brillantes somehow supported love teams and noted that she has nothing against them; she just shared her insights about them.

Talking about love teams, Brillantes also mentioned her openness to working on a girls’ love series project with her friend Xyriel Manabat while respecting the latter’s non-showbiz boyfriend.

Manabat, on the other hand, also expressed her thoughts about working with Brillantes in a GL series, as it would make her feel comfortable, especially since no awkwardness would happen while working on it.

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