America, Japan, EU slams China's aggression in the WPS
America, Japan, EU slams China's aggression in the WPS
America, Japan, EU slams China's aggression in the WPS
by Jim Fernandez18 June 2024
The Philippine Coast Guard looks after the Filipino fishermen's safety in Bajo de Masinloc or Scarborough Shoal. Photo courtesy of Boy Gonzales of DZRH

Multiple countries slammed China's most recent harassment of a Philippine supply ship in Ayungin Shoal.

In a statement, the National Security Council (NSC) said that China rammed and towed a Philippine ship to preempt its resupply mission in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

China Coast Guard (CCG) pinned the blame on the Philippines, whose vessel had "ignored China’s repeated solemn warnings" and allegedly "dangerously approached a Chinese vessel in normal navigation in an unprofessional manner, resulting in a collision."

"The Philippines is entirely responsible for this," the CCG added in a statement posted on WeChat, a messaging platform.


US ambassador to the Philippines MaryKay Carlson denounced China's "aggressive, dangerous maneuvers" which resulted in bodily injury and damage to Philippine vessels, and interfered with legitimate maritime operations.

The embassies of Japan, the Netherlands, France, New Zealand, and Australia expressed concern over and condemned China's aggression.

Luc Véron, EU ambassador to the Philippines voiced out similar sentiments.

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