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All-Filipino group HORI7ON releases comeback single “Lucky”
All-Filipino group HORI7ON releases comeback single “Lucky”
All-Filipino group HORI7ON releases comeback single “Lucky”
by Daylight Abas03 March 2024
Photo courtesy: HORI7ON Official / Facebook

All-Filipino group HORI7ON delighted the fans at their exclusive showcase event titled "DAYTOUR” held at Samsung Hall SM Aura in Taguig City on Saturday, March 2.

Members Vinci, Kyler, Reyster, Kim, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus showcased their comeback single “Lucky” to the 800 fans who were able to get access to their comeback showcase.

Describing their hi-teen confession track, Vinci mentioned that “Lucky” is related to their previous album “Friendship,” which expresses their feelings for the person they love.

He said that it is showing the joyful and youthful side of HORI7ON with an upbeat and fresh vibe, with an addition of happiness to it.


The seven-member group successfully made their South Korean debut last year, when the members performed their debut song “SIX7EEN” in popular music shows, gaining more fans globally.

Meanwhile, the group made their first-ever concert, “Friendship Ship: Voyage to Manila,” at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Sept. 9 last year.

They also received their biggest achievement as the group received their first AAA Focus Award at the Asian Artist Awards 2023 at the Philippine Arena in December.

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