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Alaska confirms first fatal death from Alaskapox
Alaska confirms first fatal death from Alaskapox
Alaska confirms first fatal death from Alaskapox
by Ada Pelonia13 February 2024
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An Alaska resident died on Tuesday, February 13, following complications from the rare virus Alaskapox, an international news outlet said.

ABC News reported that the Alaska resident was the first of seven total infected cases that led to hospitalization and death since it was identified in 2015.

"Alaskapox remains rare. For the vast majority of people who may come in contact with this virus, the clinical course will likely be mild,” Dr. Joe McLaughlin, state epidemiologist and chief of the Alaska Division of Public Health Section of Epidemiology, told the news outlet.

According to the report, Alaskapox comes from small animals, such as voles and shrews, and clarified that there were no reports of human-to-human transmission.

McLaughlin said that the resident might have been scratched by a cat that was catching voles or shrews, resulting in its claws having a “viable virus.”

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