Ad Standards Council releases plugs on truthful ads, consumer rights
Ad Standards Council releases plugs on truthful ads, consumer rights
Ad Standards Council releases plugs on truthful ads, consumer rights
by Jeffrey Joe Pe-Aguirre05 October 2023

The Ad Standards Council (ASC) recently released a series of public service announcements (PSAs) on the importance of vetting advertising claims and protecting consumer rights.

Two of the PSAs were short cartoon video skits reminiscent of the drawing style in Funny Komiks, the local comic book staple for Filipinos growing up in the 80s.

The other two are radio PSAs highlighting the need for advertisers to fully substantiate all claims contained in their advertising materials.

Responsible communication


“The ASC is celebrating its 15th anniversary, while ad industry self-regulation will soon be on its 50th year,” said Digna Santos, Executive Director of the standards body. “So, it’s timely to reach out to both advertisers and consumers.”

The ASC is a regulatory body that helps ensure advertising materials are honest and truthful; not misleading and deceptive; and congruent with industry-accepted legal and ethical standards.

“In the current environment where misinformation and disinformation have become a real concern, we are the organization helping ensure the protection of consumers against false, misleading, deceptive, and unethical advertising,” Santos said.

The ASC’s efforts to check the veracity of advertising claims is in line with the objectives of Republic Act 7394, better known as The Consumer Act of the Philippines.


This is why the self-regulatory body conducts orientations with advertisers, creative and digital agencies, and media companies on the ASC Code of Ethics and Manual of Procedures,

These orientations, as well as the organization’s website and social media platforms, provide information addressing specific issues such as the different types of advertising claims, online applications for airing clearance, mandatory warnings and disclaimers, and the like.

“The communication environment has been changing at a fast pace; as such, there is a need to nudge the industry,” Santos said.

Responsible consumption


While advertisers bear legal and moral responsibility for truthfulness, Santos said that, “Consumers should be meticulous in evaluating news and information, ads included, as there are information being put out without any regard for responsibility or accountability.”

To better inoculate local audiences – most importantly, the youth – from false messaging, the ASC will be conducting roadshows in colleges and universities nationwide to teach students about the role of self-regulation in advertising in consumer protection.

“We will be reaching out to students, especially those in marketing, advertising, and communication, through face-to-face and online sessions, and short educational digital videos,” Santos said.

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The Ad Standards Council public service announcements can be viewed here:

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