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12 basketball icons inducted into FIBA Hall of Fame Class of 2023
12 basketball icons inducted into FIBA Hall of Fame Class of 2023
12 basketball icons inducted into FIBA Hall of Fame Class of 2023
by Mhillen Nicole Borja25 August 2023
Photo courtesy: FIBA Media

A distinguished assembly of twelve individuals who have left a significant mark on the global basketball scene has been formally enshrined as members of the Class of 2023 within the esteemed FIBA Hall of Fame.

The ennobling ceremony unfolded at the luxurious Sofitel Philippine Plaza, nestled in Manila, Philippines.

This year's assemblage encompasses renowned luminaries such as:

  • Yao Ming (China)
  • Penny Taylor (Australia)
  • Yuko Oga (Japan)
  • Katrina McClain (USA)
  • Amaya Valdemoro (Spain)
  • Wlamir Marques (Brazil)
  • Angelo Monteiro dos Santos Victoriano (Angola)
  • Sony Hendrawan (Indonesia)
  • Carlos Loyzaga (Philippines)
  • urab Sakandelidze (Georgia)
  • Valerie Garnier (France)
  • Alessandro Gamba (Italy)

Commending the profound impact made by each inductee, FIBA President Hamane Niang celebrated their formal inclusion, stating: "With immense privilege, we extend our welcome to these distinguished basketball personas into the revered FIBA Hall of Fame.


The FIBA Hall of Fame stands not only as a testament to our basketball heritage but as an institution honoring those who have elevated our beloved sport to its current zenith of popularity, while concurrently igniting inspiration for the upcoming generations."

FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis brought the induction ceremony to its close, affirming: "We are honored to welcome these great basketball personalities into the FIBA Hall of Fame. The FIBA Hall of Fame is not only part of our basketball tradition, it is an institution that recognizes those who brought our sport to the level of popularity that it has today and inspires the next generation."

The selection of the Philippines as the host country for the FIBA Hall of Fame 2023 Ceremony reverberates with FIBA's commitment to acknowledging and venerating those pivotal figures who have sculpted the annals of basketball history.

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