Binay says tourism slogan becomes ‘unsalvageable’ after DOT's decision
Binay says tourism slogan becomes ‘unsalvageable’ after DOT's decision
Binay says tourism slogan becomes ‘unsalvageable’ after DOT's decision
by Mary Antalan06 July 2023
Photo Courtesy: Senate of the Philippines

Following the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) decision to continue its “Love the Philippines” campaign, Senator Nancy Binay, chair of Committee on Tourism said on Wednesday, July 6, that it is already “unsalvageable."

Binay made the statement after the recent promotional video drew attention around the world and made a negative impact on the campaign.

The senator expressed her dismay that instead of moving forward, the campaign seemed to ‘step backward’.

“Tourism is a sensitive market. Political unrest, negative media, and people's perceptions influence travelers' decisions. Dahil nga sa nangyari, headline na tayo sa buong mundo. Naging laughing stock na ang slogan, at masyado nang tinamaan ang campaign,” Binay said.


Although Binay expressed appreciation for the DOT’s action against DDB Philippines, an advertisement agency the department hired for the campaign, she questioned the department if they would still use the "Love" campaign as it already has a negative perception not only among Filipinos but also to the international community as well.

“While it may look good on paper, the new tourism campaign had already been “beaten and battered in the real world,” said the senator.

“Kung meron pang ilalabas na television commercial ang DOT, it is not wise to gamble dahil inaabangan na ng netizens ang susunod na 'Love' iterations para gawan ng spoof. Ang recommendation is to revert to the tried-and-tested campaign, and from there gumawa na lang ng tactical marketing plan para maiwasan ang window na isabotahe," she suggested.

According to her, the DOT’s enhanced campaign has lost its persuasion game.


“We all can sense the discombobulating algorithms which carry promotion-limiting consequences. The campaign has lost its redeeming value and has become unsalvageable. I hope the DOT is level-headed enough to accept this,” she noted.

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