‘Deleter’ wins Best Scare award at international film fest
‘Deleter’ wins Best Scare award at international film fest
‘Deleter’ wins Best Scare award at international film fest
by Ada Pelonia03 November 2023
Photo courtesy: IMDB

Mikhail Red’s “Deleter” starring Nadine Lustre bagged the Best Scare award at the 15th Grimmefest Manchester’s International Festival of Fantastic Film.

“Always a hotly contested category as jurors debate what precisely constitutes a “scare” and whether to select a traditional “jump scare” or something more… intangible,” the jury said.

“In the case of DELETER, what impressed and stayed with the jury, rather than any one moment, was the eerie, unsettling mood and atmosphere of the film as a whole,” they added.

The blockbuster horror film also bagged major awards during the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) in 2022.

Here are the following award winners for Grimmfest 2023:

  • Best scare: Deleter

  • Best VFX/SFX, and Best cinematography: Pandemonium

  • Best production design: Mother Superior

  • Best score: Door

  • Best short: Mantra

  • Silver Melies short: There Are No Ghosts

  • Best actor in a female role: Tamsin Topolski for What You Wish For

  • Best director, Best screenplay: Nicholas Tomnay for What You Wish For

  • Best actor in a male role: David Pareha for The Coffee Table

  • Best feature film: The Coffee Table

The Grimmfest is a film festival dedicated to showing movies from emerging and established filmmakers worldwide. They take pride in “premiering the very best in new horror, cult, extreme fantasy, and sci-fi movies.”

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