Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Caparas wanted for Tax Evasion


The National Bureau of Investigation is on a hunt against film director Carlo J. Caparas after a warrant of arrest was issued against him for his tax evasion case.

The NBI made sure that no special treatment will be given to Caparas when the Quezon City Court of Tax Appeals issued a Mandamiento De Aresto.

According to NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas, Caparas still has time to surrender and post bail for his temporary freedom.

Caparas failed to pay for his Value Added Tax and right taxes with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

The court recommends 80 Thousand pesos bail for Caparas.   (Rey Sibayan)


Robin finally accepts BB Gandanghari


Action star Robin Padilla’s acceptance of his brother’s sexual preference earned him accolades from netizens.

It has been known that in the past, since Robin, as a Muslim, wasn’t keen with his brother choosing to live as BB Gandanghari.  It was also reported that the actor formally known as Rustom has intentions of having his sex changed with which Robin was totally opposing.
However, netizens were surprised when Robin posted on his Instagram account a picture of BB in a hospital bed with Robin’s son, Ali.  The two seemed to be in a fist fight, apt with the caption that Robin wrote stating that his brother who’s now BB Gandanghari is very weak due to an infection but his still quick on his right jab.
What was a welcome surprise was that Robin referred to BB as “sister” and used the word “her” in his description of BB.
In the past, BB made an appeal to his family that they should just accept her true identity, and though she misses her brothers, she added that she understands where they’re coming from.   (Judie Anne Abejero)


Geisler gets 2 years jail time


The court finds actor Baron Geisler Guilty for the Acts of Lasciviousness case filed against him.

Geisler was sentenced to up to two years of imprisonment regarding his case filed by Patrizha Martinez, daughter of William Martinez and Yayo Aguila.

Aside from jail time, the court also asked the Indie actor to pay 30 Thousand pesos for Moral Damages.

Patrizha wasn’t the only one who complained about Geisler’s abusive behavior against her, actresses like Yasmien Kurdi, Julia Clarete and Cherrie Pie Picache were also allegedly taken advantaged off by Geisler.

Geisler became controversial because of his being an alcoholic and an alleged drug addict.  He’s been going in and out of rehab for the past few years.   (Rey Sibayan)


Pacquiao down in Forbes' celebrity list

After two consecutive losses to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012, Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao’s ranking at the Forbes’ celebrity list went down.

From the 33rd spot in 2012, Pacquiao went down to 78th spot.

Despite this, Pacquiao is still ahead of long-time rival Floyd Mayweather Jr. who’s at the 88th spot, as well as Harry Potter's author J.K Rowling who’s at the 82nd spot and actor Alec Baldwin who’s at 83rd.

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey remained at the top spot.

The rankings were based on the appearance of the celebrities in print, television and internet. (Rommel Fuertes)


CBCP irked over gay-themed teleserye

Bishops asked the Movie Television Review Classification Board to put the GMA 7 prime time soap opera ‘My Husband’s Lover’ under scrutiny regarding gay relationships.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines asked the producers and writers of the drama series to be more careful in creating a sensitive concept.

According to CBCP-Episcopal Commission on the Youth, the men behind the controversial program should consider the culture and morality of the country that embraces Christianism. (Rommel Fuertes)


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