Friday, October 20, 2017
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Supporters of Taguig Mayoral candidate harassed

Four supporters of Taguig Mayoral candidate Rica Tinga allegedly have been mauled by members of the incumbent local administration.

In an interview with victim Fatima Limpasan, she mentioned that she and her cousin were putting some things in the help desk of Maharlika Elementary School in Upper Bicutan when members of the Public Order and Safety Office arrived at the said place.

They were forced to remove the stuff that they placed on the table and they even took their laptop.

Aside from Limpasan, other victims of alleged harassment include Yadi Jarun, Azman Jarun, and a Lino Jarun, all supporters of Tinga.   (Malou Cabral)


Taguig police to file cases against Tinga et al

Taguig City Police will file cases against Taguig City Mayoral bet Rica Tinga and others involved in the rampage last Saturday morning at the Prosecutors Office.

Four members of the Taguig Public Order and Safety Office were wounded in the aftermath of the disorder.

Based on the recommendation of Taguig police, they will file cases of ‘assault upon an authority, physical injury, resistance & disobedience and qualified malicious mischief’ against Tinga.

Also facing charges are members of Tinga’s camp and her supporters.

The complainant states that they received wounds when the confusion erupted when Tinga and her supporters tried to barge in the City Hall.

Tinga, earlier have filed a case against the staff of the City Hall. (Judie Anne Abejero)


Tinga turns cold shoulder

Taguig Mayoralty candidate Rica Tinga turned her cold should after refusing to attend a peace dialogue with re-electionist Mayor Lani Cayetano.

The said peace dialogue was organized by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting in an aim to iron things out in the city, particularly for the local position.

The PPCRV made the move after supporters of Tinga flooded the Taguig City Hall.

Tinga also did not attend the signing of the peace covenant that was organized by the Taguig Church. (ROMMEL FUERTES)


Lim; Cayetano confident of sweeping separate Mayoral posts

Re-electionist Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim trusts his instincts that he will claim victory in this year’s elections against rival, former President Joseph Estrada.

According to Lim, in 2010, he was able to achieved 214 thousand votes and toppled then Mayor Lito Atienza. This time, he feels the same way with the overwhelming support he’s allegedly been receiving from the people of Manila.

However, Erap is also claiming that victory is his, together with his running mate, re-electionist Vice Mayor Isko Moreno.

In recent months ever since the campaign period started, the two camps have exchanged some heated words and throwing accusations against each other.

Moreno claimed that he was harassed together with six other councilors regarding a Bingo event that the former sponsored.

Lim denied participating in Moreno’s arrest.

The “Dirty Harry” of Philippine politics insisted though that win or lose, he will retire in 2016.

Meanwhile, even before casting her vote, re-electionist Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano is sure that victory is theirs as well.

According to Cayetano, losing doesn’t enter her mind because of the reception she’s been getting from her constituents.

Just like in Manila, Taguig has been experiencing some tension between Mayoral candidate Rica Tinga and Cayetano’s supporters.

However, Cayetano refused to comment on the said incidents and rather focus on defending her platforms.   (R. Salonga)


Glitches in PCOS machines expected

Temporary setbacks are expected to happen with the Precinct Count Optical Scan or PCOS machines.  However, the Commission on Elections will be able to handle them.

According to SMARTMATIC President Cesar Flores, it’s only normal that there will be some technical problems with the more than 78 thousand PCOS machines that were distributed all over the country.

Flores said that any hardware is bound to fail one way or the other, that’s part of their nature.

So far, some of the common errors encountered by voters with their PCOS machines include paper jam, clogging of ballots, and unable to identify the ink used.

The SMARTMATIC President added that we should trust the COMELEC that they will be able to solve these problems, whether the problem is human or machine error.  (R. Salonga)


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