Friday, October 20, 2017
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Suspect in Boston bombing claims innocence

The suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing is standing by his claim of being innocent after he filed his Not Guilty plea in Court.

Based on a source, during his first public appearance, suspect Dzhokhar Trsarnaev denied his involvement in the said bombing that killed 30 innocent lives.

If proven guilty, Trsarnaev will possibly be sentenced to death penalty.

Meanwhile, a weird case happened in Alabama when a suspect was glad that he got arrested by authorities.

Suspect Ricki Lawrence robbed a bank and purposely surrendered after committing the said crime.

Based on the report, Lawrence admitted that he intentionally robbed the bank in order to be arrested because he has nowhere else to go.

In other news, the State Prosecutor of Egypt already issued a warrant of arrest against the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie.

Badie is believed to be the man behind the bloody protest last Monday after former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was removed from his post.

Prior to this, Morsi’s allies were offered positions in the government’s cabinet but according to the Muslim Brotherhood, they did not recognize the Interim Government and refused to settle their differences.   (Kisses Jabson)


Bodies of drowned victims have been recovered

The State Park Lifeguards, Coast Guard and Sta. Cruz Harbor Patrol finally found the bodies of the two Filipinas who drowned in California, USA.

The victims, Leanne Binyas-Semana and Aylene Semana accompanied their respective husbands during a fishing trip at Bonny Doon Beach near Sta. Cruz.

Their vessel accidentally got swept away by big waves.  Their husbands immediately tried to rescue them but failed to do so.  They went to the authorities for help after that.

The Sta. Cruz County Sheriff was fast in declaring that there was no foul play involved and what happened to the two Filipinas was an accident.

Meanwhile, a 72 year old zoo caretaker suffered a grim fate in Italy as he became the main course of three tigers.

The said caretaker’s job was to feed the tigers inside their cages but, unfortunately, the tigers were more interested in eating him.

In 2009, there was already a notice for the zoo in Turin, Italy to be shut down because of funding problems.  However, the nine tigers and one leopard remained at the said compound.

The wife of the victim was able to ask for help but it was already too late as his husband’s body was torn into pieces.   (Rey Sibayan)


Blessed Pope John Paul II’s second miracle

Blessed John Paul II along with Pope John XXIII could be on their way to Sainthood before the year ends.

This was according to the Italian news media after a congregation yesterday in Vatican City for the Canonization of the former leaders of the church.

In the said congregation, Pope Francis I approved the second miracle performed by Pope John Paul II. (Luisito Antonio Santos)


Russian rocket explodes after take-off

A Russian rocket exploded immediately after it took off ground in Kazakstan.

According to the report, the Proton-M rocket from Baikonur space center had just lifted off when it changed direction and then exploded.

Reports say that no one was hurt during the explosion because the rocket, which was carrying three satellites of the global navigation satellite system, was unmanned.


In 2010, the same Proton-M rocket also went down at a part of the Pacific Ocean. (Luisito Antonio Santos)


Vatican bank director, deputy leave post

Vatican bank’s director and deputy director left their post after their involvement with the money laundering and corruption within the largest bank in the world.

According to the Vatican, Paolo Cipriani and Massimo Tuli resigned their post for the sake of the bank and the Holy See.

Despite this, Ernest Freyberg, who’s currently the president of the bank will serve as interim director of Vatican bank.

Just recently, Pope Francis I formed a commission that will probe on the money laundering and corruption inside the Vatican City. (Luisito Antonio Santos)


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