Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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7 dead as riots continue in Egypt

Seven Mohammed Morsi supporters died after holding a protest in Egypt.

Security forces and Morsi’s supporters clashed after announcing the new leader of the embattled nation.

Based on the report, rallyists cannot be stopped, which opted police to throw tear gases to the rallyists. (Kisses Jabson)


African-Americans create confusion in LA

African-Americans went on a rampage in the streets of Crenshaw District, Los Angeles as protest to the not guilty verdict against George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was a suspect of the death of an African-American teenager in Sanfor Florida.

The riot started 9 in the evening, where hundreds of African-Americans formed a barricade and blocked cars. (Kisses Jabson)


Egypt’s El-Baradei assumes interim VP for foreign relations post

Mohamed El-Baradei has sworn as Egypt’s interim Vice President for foreign relations.

Aside from El-Baradei, former Egyptian ambassador to the United States Nabil Fahmy accepted the position of foreign minister.

El-Baradei’s and Fahmy’s job is Egypt’s move for change after the ouster of former president Mohammed Morsi. (Kisses Jabson)


Mandela condition out of danger but still critical

Though still in critical condition, former South African President Nelson Mandela is out of danger.

Doctors say that Mandela’s body is positively responding to medicines.

Mandela’s wife also confirmed that Mandela is not feeling any stinger throughout his body. (Kisses Jabson)


Tokyo Nuke regulation authority admits radiation leak

The Nuclear regulation authority in Tokyo admitted that it’s possible that the water contaminated with radiation from the destroyed Fukushina Maiichi nuclear plant by the tsunami in 2011, is leaking at the Pacific Ocean.

Experts have been saying that it’s not far that the radioactive water from the Tepco plant is leaking its way to the ocean.

But Tepco denied the claim saying that the leak is caused by the Cesium levels of the water from the monitoring well. (Kisses Jabson)


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