Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Snipers shot at UN convoy

Snipers shot at the convoy of United Nations experts investigating the chemical weapon attack in Syria.

The Syrian state media blamed called the attack “terroristic” and blamed it to the opposition.

But the UN team was not undaunted and continued with gathering evidences. (Kisses Jabson)


Mubarak now a free man but still under house arrest

Former Egypt President Hosni Mubarak is now finally free but he’s still under house arrest while waiting for the retrial of his pending case.

Mubarak was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment because of corruption cases and murdering rallyists in 2011.

Meanwhile, the public also fear the rule of the military in their country after releasing the former president. (Luisito Antonio Santos)


Aussie man finds himself in a fork

An Australian man found himself in a dilemma, how to remove a fork from his genitals?

According to a report, 10 percent of a fork was jabbed inside the member of a 70 year old grandfather and had to undergo immediate operation because of it.

The grandfather allegedly used the fork to pleasure himself.

The case was discussed recently at the International Journey of Surgery Case reports where it was mentioned that this only shows how imaginative people are.   (Judie Anne Abejero)


Syrian gov’t denies using chemical weapon in Damascus attack

The Syrian government denied that it used a chemical weapon during the Damascus attack that led to deaths of 1,300 people.

According to United Nations Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson, hundreds of casualties were carried to hospitals, some are unconscious, heartbeats racing or having hard time breathing. And what puzzles them is that the casualties don’t have even a scratch. (Chris Capulso)


God ordered me to step down—Benedict

God ordered Pope Benedict XVI to step down as pope of the Roman Catholic Church, according to Benedict himself.

In an exclusive interview, the 86-year-old Benedict said that he has no disease and that the divine intervention prompted him to step down. Chris Capulso


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