Thursday, March 30, 2017
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BB Gandanghari HIV victim?


After being hospitalized because of a severe infection, news is circulating now that the real reason why BB Gandanghari was in the hospital is that she’s been inflicted with the HIV virus.

Because of this rumor, BB immediately aired her side stating that it was severe Dehydration and Urinary Tract Infection that caused his recent sickness.

She also mentioned that it was probably her fault that’s why she had this infection in her bladder and kidney.

The actress formerly known as Rustom added that it’s impossible for her to have AIDs because her love and sex life is zero.

And if ever she decides to be in a relationship, she’ll be a stick to one kind of person.

In spite of being stuck in the hospital, BB was still happy that it did happen because she was able to reunite with her family, especially to her brother, action star Robin Padilla.   (Judie Anne abejero)


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