Monday, July 24, 2017
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Takbo-Sabado, Sa CCP! And Manila Bay Clean-up Run 2013: A Run-through

In line with its commitment to the advocacy of protecting Manila Bay, DZRH on its 74th anniversary, is once more to conduct one of its most anticipated annual events – Manila Bay Clean-up Run which will be held on the 14th of July (Sunday) at the CCP Grounds, Pasay City. It is a fundraising activity dedicated to the preservation of the said estuary serving as the port of Manila.

This year, something bigger and more interesting awaits our runners. Prior to the main run is a free five-week training series to running to be held all Saturdays (8, 15, 22, 29) of June and the first Saturday (6) of July. The running sessions is dubbed as Takbo-Sabado, Sa CCP!

Takbo Sabado is organized by Manila Broadcasting Company-DZRH, in partnership with Run4Change, Inc., and FUNd-Racing Team.  It will encompass the most vital running topics and concerns– each week concentrating on one topic.

The sessions aim to a.) build one running community within the area; b.) share the basic must-knows about running and fitness;  c.) encourage training focused on technique and injury prevention, total physical fitness development, and lifestyle modification; d.) open venues for interaction among various groups and teams present in the sessions, and; e.) promote upcoming races, products, clubs/communities, services, and others.

Each Saturday session will be divided into three parts namely the Mind, the Body, and the Sole. The first part which is the Mind is a lecture by experts and athletes about recent fitness updates, secrets to running success, and their personal stories. The next portion of the session called the Body is focused on the overall physical fitness development. National athletes and volunteer running teams will conduct a thirty-minute group training routine or simply, a warm-up exercise, for injury prevention and better running performance. This is in preparation for The Sole, the last part of the session. It is a 5k group run around CCP area, with assigned pacers from volunteer running communities.

Takbo-Sabado will have the following themes and topics 1.) Go, Run! -running basics focusing on proper form and alignment; 2.) Let Your Feet Talk. – the proper footstrike and stride length plus a free foot assessment from A Runner’s Cirlce; 3.) Breathe Your Way to A New Personal Record. – the art of breathing and pacing; 4.)Win Against Your Worst Enemy. – a lecture on the most common running injuries; 5.1) The-Hydration or De-Hyrdation? – preparation, quantity, quality, and timing of drinking; 5.2) Eat-to Run? Run-to-Eat? Or, Eat-n-Run! – proper diet of runners, and; 6.) 

Takbo-Sabado, sa CCP! and the Manila Bay Clean-Up Run 2013 will also serve as avenues to hype the big run envisaged on the 75th anniversary of DZRH next year.

On its diamond anniversary, DZRH is planning to organize an ultramarathon – a 75-kilometer run.

Takbo Sabado sa CCP is as follows:

For inquiries, please look for:

Cyrille Cupino—09269570082

Aly Narvaez----- 09158692486

DZRH Hotline: 8326117/6116

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